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This is the story of a tiny kitten - a runt, who was not expected to live. He refused to give in - he struggled against being put to sleep and left to die - even though people mistook him for some kind of alien mouse and not a kitten. His heart is bigger than a mountain - his love is boundless. He is an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with him

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hello ebbwybodi,

Sum of yew don't know the uvver katz in mise family. So I finked I should interjuice yew and tells yew a liddle bit about dem.

Dis my Uncle Whooshka. Sum sez he is a Tonkinese - sum sez he is a applehead Siamese....I fink he's a applehead cos he's so apeeling! Get it? Apple Peel...hehehe
He was a stray on de streets and Mummy and Daddy took him in....dere furst cat tergever. Dat was five years ago. He is de bestest Uncle in de World and maybe eben de bestest cat cos he looks after all of us but he bewwy bewwy gentle. He got a funny miaow tho. He sound like a gal! ( don't tell him I sed dat!)

De ubber free kitties is all called Mesmereyes.... dat dere breeders name but I fink she my Auntie Carole.

Dey is all bewwy bootiful Burpmillas - a speshel breed. They all comed to our place as adult cats being rehomed cos Auntie Carole knew my Mum ( who is crazy cat lady) and my Dad ( who nearly crazy cat lady) would love dem heaps and gib dem good homes.

De furst one is D' bestes fwend in de hole wurl...he like my big bruvver and we plays all day long - an sometimes all night too...hehehehehe

Mummy say he a lubly boy but a big sook...whatebber dat means.

Dis is my bewwy bootiful Auntie Millie. Daddy sez she got "cometobed eyes" but I don't know why she want to come to bed in de mawning. She only juz got up! Sumtimez she like me....sometimes she don't.

Dis Burpmilla is Auntie Soraya...she a princess and a queen and a grumpy bum. Mummy call her Devil Diva sumtimez. She smackz me sumtimez and she was bewwy bewwy nasty to D'Arcy...always fights him and eben left TWO of her claws stuck in his head. He cwied and cwied. We finked maybe we have to send her away but now she being a GOOD Diva and she don't hurt D'Arcy any more.
She bewwy speshal to Mummy and she fink she de favwit....But I fink mez de favwit.

So dat's all my kitty family. I hope you liked meeting them. We's all pretty good lookin isn't we?
Lub and Liks
Lord Oliver Monta Purrington
Mighty Mouse


  1. hello oliver what a beautiful family you have your mum must spend all day with you all....and you are so lucky to have such a lot of aunties and uncles i saw your photo on cw so beautiful...ok be good will chat next and licks shelly chanel and simba whom is not very well today..if he is not well by tomorrow of to the vet..bye oliver

  2. Hey Oliber, wuz yew scared yesterday when the big storm came? I wuz so scared I ran all awound and even wen Mum picked me up I shayked a lot and had to go to my litter tray in a big hurree, if yew know wat I meen. The scary storm wuz SO LOUD! I hope Uncle D'Arcy looked after yew. Luv Sophie.

  3. Oliver you are a very fortunate wee lad to be living with such gorgeous aunts and uncles.No, I have not forgotten your partner in crime Mr D'Arcy. It must be such fun having a brother to play with.
    You will have to let The Diva Soraya think she is the boss but really Mr Whooska is the one to ask for help if you need it.

    Sandpaper kisses from Alex Siamese.

  4. hi oliver how are you and darcy goingare you guys enjing it in your mum and dad bed room are you and darcy going to play today love allie

  5. Hi Oliber,
    Hows are yu? We iz gud. Yu haf a nice fambly, aspeshally our cuzin Darcy and de ovva Mezma-eye Burpmillas. Unca Wooska luks nice too. We haf an unca Levi.
    luv Ruby and Paisley

  6. Hi Wuby an Paisley...
    Yez...dey is all nice. Auntie Carole haf nice Burpmillas.
    Hey an D'Arcy is playin all der day terday. We lufs you.

    hey Auntie Angie I hop Simba feelin mush bedda