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This is the story of a tiny kitten - a runt, who was not expected to live. He refused to give in - he struggled against being put to sleep and left to die - even though people mistook him for some kind of alien mouse and not a kitten. His heart is bigger than a mountain - his love is boundless. He is an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with him

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey ebwywon,
my fort for de day is dat dere was no fort for de weekend!
What was I finkin?
Oblivouslee not mush or dere wood haf beed a fort.
Are you finkin wot I's finkin?
I hasn't lost der plot. I just hasn't found it yet
Licks and purrs from Mighty Mouse
Lord Oliver Monta Purrington


  1. hay Olliber, yoos wus prubably tinking about yor holiday an forgot all abut us! Neber mimd yu ar jest a liddel boy an we don mind reedin yor old stories.
    hugs an liks
    Selena an Akira

  2. Sankchew gurls.... you are the best gurlfrends I never had.

  3. hello oliver glad to see you are well the brain a rest when you have no thoughts any way..did you keep your tent?we are good just havent had time to write to you but have been checking and licks chanel simba shelly

  4. Hi Mousy boy, Weez notised der was no notis frum you and wundered... wuz there no notis or did wee not notis de notis? Now we no... der WAZ no notis. We mist yu.
    Purrs frum Ruby and Paisley

  5. Hi Oliver, glad to hear that all is you cant wait for your holiday, it sounds like you will be having a great adventure getting ready and going over to Phillip Island...I am sure you and Allie will have lots of fun...
    Love and cuddles to all... Sher

  6. hi oliver you look very very very cute in this photo what happend to that little man are you and darcy going to play all day today love allie

  7. YETH Allie...we played and played. I hope I can see yew dis weekend.
    I lub you