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This is the story of a tiny kitten - a runt, who was not expected to live. He refused to give in - he struggled against being put to sleep and left to die - even though people mistook him for some kind of alien mouse and not a kitten. His heart is bigger than a mountain - his love is boundless. He is an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with him

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi Everyone.....
Oliver LOVES his raw meat for dinner - but unfortunately it does have side effects.

So the boy got a toothbrush and some Colgate!

But he wasn't impressed.

And the end result was pretty freaky!


  1. I'm not showing this post to Sophie. I already have a secret fear that she licks or chews my toothbrush when I'm not home...

    And wow, look at the coat on Oliver in the first photo. Gorgeous! :)

  2. Oliver perhaps you should get your own toothbrush that one has made your lips go red!!!

    Yes, your fur coat does look gorgeous,you are certainly becoming more devastatingly handsome each day.

    Mum could star you in a MIlls and Boon novel,with your smouldering good looks and piercingly blue eyes.

  3. Yes, I do believe that Oliver may the next Fabio of the cat world. We'll be seeing him on the cover of Kittens and Boons novels soon LOL You are looking seriously handsome Oliver! Paisley and Ruby wanted to say something but they've gone all flustered looking at your pictures!!

  4. oliver you are one handsome boy the girls will be chasing you

  5. hi oliver you and uncle woshka are very cute in the photos love allie

  6. He has the thickes plushest coat now.... quite amazing considering he was bald for so long.
    We are off to Phillip Island for a few days with the boy - will post new adventures when we get back.