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This is the story of a tiny kitten - a runt, who was not expected to live. He refused to give in - he struggled against being put to sleep and left to die - even though people mistook him for some kind of alien mouse and not a kitten. His heart is bigger than a mountain - his love is boundless. He is an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with him

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hi Everyone
I'm sure we all know that the London Olympics is just 2 years away and MM has decided he wants to enter. He's very serious about it. When I asked him what his event would be he said "The Decat-flon"! He's even gone as far as getting himself a trainer

And he's joined a gym - okay - it's a cat gym....but don't tell him that...he'd be so embarrassed!

Of course cycling is great training. But guess who is here for the tour down under who is ALSO in training?

So he decided to do some simple weights work - moving the coffee table

In the end though it was all too much for him. He's still only a little boy.

Don't cry Mighty Mouse - Lord Oliver Monta Purrington. I think you deserve a medal just for making me happy. And there's always the winter Olympics...if we can just get skis for your back paws.


  1. Ohhh... Oliver your not a faylyer...i mean it ...look how far you have come...from a wee tiny thing that resembled a mouse to a strong young man who is getting bigger by the day...thats the stuff that "Champions" are made of and we are so proud of what you and your mummy have achieved.
    Love and cuddles to all...Sher

  2. The coffee table photo is GOLD! Keep training, little guy, maybe you'll make it to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. And is that a little Birman tail I spy in the last photo?

    Sue Ellen

  3. I know Sher..... he could never be a faylyer...He cheered up after I gave him a cuddle and a sniff of a banana!

    Sue is indeed a Birman tail...everything else seems to have stopped growing the last few days...but the tail is really starting to bush!

  4. Oliver, Oliver, as usual you are shooting for the stars. It is ok to start training slowly. If you ask her nicely Soraya will teach you how to run really, really fast. D'Arcy can also teach you how to duck and weave but he needs to practice too so perhaps you can be training buddies. Make sure Mummy has the TV tuned in for the Winter Olympics. Hugs from the Mesmereyes kids.

  5. hahahaha Carole.... Ms Soraya already had a go at MM and D'Arcy tonight when Darcy called in for afternoon tea...kangaroo and cucumber sandwiches. She jumped on MM's tent to flatten D'Arcy.

  6. Isn't it called tough love? Or is just being a bully and a cranky queen? If Ollie and Mr D are smart they will get together to beat her at her own game. Soraya is surprising me because she was never a very brave girl here, a sook really!

  7. Cranky queen.... she's found someone she can bully and he is so terrifiedhe won't fight back.

  8. Chin up Oliver! You could never be a faylyer... you've come too far!!

  9. Oliver,You have such a 'kissable' tummy. Maybe you should ask Mr Whooshka for some training advice.I am sure he will recommend extra sleep especially as you are having a growth spurt at the moment.Well! your tail is.


  10. It is a kissable tummy...and he LOVES having it kissed Elaine!