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This is the story of a tiny kitten - a runt, who was not expected to live. He refused to give in - he struggled against being put to sleep and left to die - even though people mistook him for some kind of alien mouse and not a kitten. His heart is bigger than a mountain - his love is boundless. He is an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with him

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well it's Saturday night - and Lord Oliver Monta Purrington - or Mighty Mouse as we know and love him - has been a little devil all day: Climbing up my bare legs and scratching me; jumping on the other cats , knocking things off the kitchen bench. In other words ......being a kitten.

D'Arcy is so much more sensible - and he tried to put Oliver in his place....but perhaps his methods were a little doubtful

And then Oliver was confronted by his worst nightmare!

And even though he was full of bravado - he was very scared for a little kitty.

He had sold his soul to the Devil cat - and he knew he had to get help - and who better than his best mate and brother

And of course D'Arcy saved the day. Isn't that what best friends and brothers are supposed to do?

But I have a feeling the little Mouse will be behaving himself tonight....and sleeping with one eye open, poor baby!


  1. Oh thank heavens Darcy was there to wake Oliver up and save him from Devil Diva.
    Who knows what she may have had in store for him once she had him in HER lair.
    Sleep tight little man, brother Darcy will protect you.
    Love and cuddles to all...Sher

  2. Thanks Sher - I love my female cats but BOY can they!

  3. Coral you can always send MM here or aka the little devil for a holiday.
    but beware my lot might corrupt him even more so hehehehehe.

    MM your as cute as ever but no climbing mummies legs

  4. Oliver,you are a naughty wee lad but you know your Ma loves you what ever mischief you get into.
    Lady Diva is only teasing you but if you are really naughty you will feel her silky paws slap you on your cute furry bottom.

  5. Oh dear, I hope you had some warm kitten milk after that nightmare! Or at least a bear to cuddle...

  6. LOLOL look at Diva's face..... I see that expression on Willow's face sometimes and it scares me *g* never mind the effect on the kittens LOL No Wonder Oliver had a nightmare!

  7. OOOOh I would be cared too Loiver if I saw that scary Diva face! I believe that Mummy has ordered a 'happy' potion for the Diva from the special flowere potion shop, I hope it works for your sake......

  8. Different Diva Carole....this is MILLY!!!!

  9. Heres hoping that all had a good weekend and no nightmares.
    Carole, i too love all my cats...and what you say about the Girls i have found to be so true...hence i have only one girl that lives with me and three boys, mind you the girl lives her life as if she is the only cat in exsistance and will hiss at the mere smell of one of the boys, gotta love the attitude.
    Love and cuddles to all...Sher

  10. hi mm i am cuddling you before you go to sleep when i came to sleep over here at your mum and dad's house love your friend allie