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This is the story of a tiny kitten - a runt, who was not expected to live. He refused to give in - he struggled against being put to sleep and left to die - even though people mistook him for some kind of alien mouse and not a kitten. His heart is bigger than a mountain - his love is boundless. He is an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with him

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hewwo ebwyone.
Neber go to seep angwy or cwoss wiv yor luved ones.
Just scwatch and bite dem first - you won't be angwy anymore and dey can always take a painkiller
Dat's wot I finks anyway
Luv an licks
Mighty Mouse AKA Lord Oliver Monta Purrington


  1. Well said Oliver, you can't sleep if you are angry anyway BUT with your idea you could blissfully sleep knowing that they are in pain, perfect plan! You are a wise little kitten,

  2. Oh Oliver you made me laugh so hard when i read you thought for the day.
    If only us humans could do that with the people who really tick us off...probably wont make them feel good but im sure it would make the "pain inflictor" feel a whole lot better...LOL
    Love and cuddles to all ...Sher

  3. You're right Sher.... and a cat can do it and get cuddled afterwards . I'm coming back as a cat!

  4. hi mm i just love you photo with darcy and the photo of you love allie